Mirrist is live on Kickstarter

Aromatherapy with a glass water tank is close…

Mirrist is currently a prototype, a concept focusing on health, the environment and design in the home. I’m so proud of this project coming together as it’s gone from simply an idea I was unsure of but now I’m getting random people approach me asking where to buy one. They love the concept but I just need to funnel this in to financial support. It feels possible when I see aromatherapy diffusers made from plastic that sell for even more money – and they’re in high street stores. Kickstarter will be the real test to see if people want to see this become a reality. By clicking this link for Kickstarter you become part of change in both my life and in the world of aromatherapy. 

A quick overview of Mirrist

I know some people might land on this page and wonder what this is all about so I’ll give a brief overview of this project. Mirrist is a glass aromatherapy diffuser, the water tank is also made from glass and this makes it different from almost every ultrasonic diffuser out there. I’m sure you, like me, keep seeing articles about the dangers of plastics, especially when they come in to contact with food or water. This is even truer when you consider certain oils can break down plastics and we’re happily diffusing this in to the air. When I found there were very few alternatives and the only other option on the market also had multiple issues I felt it was time to make my own, the answer was Mirrist.

An ultrasonic diffuser uses no heat so you get the cleanest scent possible, really the difference between an oil burner is quite noticeable. I could write a long article about all the benefits of Mirrist but I feel it’s best to show some bullet points. Mirrist started as a way to avoid a plastic water tank but it became so much more:

The design requirements:

– All the parts are user replaceable with focus on the ultrasonic disk, which takes just 20 seconds to replace. This means a lifetime of use and no more short life diffusers.

– It’s quiet. Mirrist uses a larger fan than most diffusers meaning it’s quieter whilst still creating a large amount of scent.

– Mirrist uses a USB C cable. No more crumpled up plastic cables that every diffuser seems to use. Supplied with Mirrist is a long 1.8m braided lead.

– Glass is non porous so this is both easy to clean but also doesn’t absorb oils. Plastic diffusers can have a lingering smell and oils can even go rancid, ruining the scent with future use.

– Mirrist is designed more of a piece of art that fits in to any space adding a sense of sophistication and style, without being overwhelming and garish. The glass and wood naturally blends in to any environment making this a truly unique piece.

I’ve also compiled a more indepth look at Mirrist with all sorts of images and write up to help answer any questions. Please do have a look by clicking ‘here’.


You can show your support and make this project a reality by clicking this text. Click here to join the Kickstarter and be the first to get 35% off when the project is live.