Good reasons to remove plastic from our lives 

It’s too much on our minds

I’m sure we’re all a little tired of hearing the same claims about the dangers of plastic, I know I am. So I want to make this article short and to the point – I personally believe there’s too much overwhelming evidence that certain plastic coming in to contact with food and water is an issue. But despite this evidence I believe the sheer abundance of videos, blog post, social media, TV etc… means we can’t escape the psychological impact of all this content. This, to me, is one of the bigger and often overlooked issues with plastic. Regardless of the potential long term effects plastic may cause us, the fact is that we cannot escape the immediate hold media has over our minds.  
I wish to clarify I do believe the world is suffering from an over-reliance on plastic, both causing issues to our health and the planet. But even if we lived the most eco-friendly and sheltered lives then we still wouldn’t break free from the influence of negative media in our thoughts. So here’s my solution – live a life where we put our health first and be proud of the actions we take. You don’t need to take things to an extreme to make a big difference. Really, something that might seem small such as using a refillable bottle not only cuts out a huge amount of plastic waste but it also could mean no more plastic in our drinking water! How about getting fruit and veg loose rather than wrapped up in plastic? And, I have to mention it, but what about not using a plastic diffuser? Even if Mirrist isn’t your thing then please stay away from artificial room sprays! The ingredients are often bad for our health and they’re usually single use plastic items.  

Small changes for a relaxed mind.

That’s my thought for the day and I would love to know if you have any tips to keep that inner peace! 

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