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Pete Bateman – Designer of Mirrist

Mirrist is a passion project of mine born out of a frustration of seeing the same plastic options for aromatherapy diffusers. I’m just a regular guy working a 9-5 job who has struggled over the years with sleep and the only thing that’s really made a difference is an evening routine with a diffuser at the centre of this. After trying multiple products I saw what was wrong with them and why they needed to change. I’ve never worked harder on a project and I really want to see this succeed, it’s all down to you brilliant people now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any plastic in the water tank?

Definitely no! The water tank for Mirrist is simply glass, a stainless steel holder for the electronics and a ceramic disk

Do I need a special plug for Mirrist?

No special plug is required. Mirrist is designed with a USB C socket meaning you can use any USB C cable and power supply – it runs on just 5 volts!

What materials is Mirrist made from?

The outside of Mirrist is thick 2.5mm glass with a real wood base. The power cable is braided fabric.

Can I use any scented oils with Mirrist?

Definitely – one of the real benefits of an ultrasonic diffuser is you can use thick oils that would normally block nebulisers. Also as no heat is generated you get oils vaporised in the cleanest way possible, no more burning from heat sources.